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Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens News Release


Exhibition and Preservation Initiative to be held February 18 – March 22

WEST PALM BEACH (February 5, 2009) – To celebrate Ann Weaver Norton’s legacy and the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden’s 30th year as a foundation, the institution will be honoring the esteemed artist with an anniversary exhibition opening reception February 18.  The by-invitation-only event serves as the kick off for the garden’s preservation initiative. These funds will be utilized to protect and preserve a local cultural treasure which holds an abundance of historical and artistic significance.

From February 19 – March 22, the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden’s 30th Anniversary Exhibition will formally open to the public and will feature never before exhibited works by Ann Weaver Norton and several of her esteemed contemporaries who include:  Alexander Archipenko, José de Creeft, Chaim Gross, John Hovannes, Jacques Lipchitz and William Zorach.   

Now on the National Register of Historic Places and listed with the Historic Trust of the State of Florida, the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens is poised to launch its largest campaign for public support.  “Preservation has always sustained America.  By protecting and enhancing the buildings, community, and landscape that tell America’s story, preservation allows us to maintain tangible contact with the places where our identity as a nation was established and our character as a people was shaped. By helping us understand the process that made us who we are, preservation gives us the confidence to become who we can be.” says Richard Moe, President of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. 

In 1977 Ann Weaver Norton had the foresight to establish a foundation to protect and conserve the historic home, art studio, and sculpture gardens where she lived and worked for 29 years.   “The future of the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens reflects the future of our community, says Cynthia Palmieri, Managing Director of the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens. She goes on to say that “The preservation of the home, artist’s studio and gardens ongoing but substantial and community support is necessary, especially during these challenging economic times.”

The sculpture gardens provide visitors of all ages a rare look at the life’s work of a truly American sculptor.  The gardens were designed according to principles devised for Ann Norton by Sir Peter Smithers.  “Retaining a large part of Ann Weaver Norton’s own original layout, Smithers enhanced the elements of mystery and surprise pivotal to the presentation of the monumental sculptures which put the final touch to Norton’s concept for her work and her legacy.” Says Board President and Garden Consultant, Veronica Boswell.
The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens and Gallery is a recognized 501 C (3) operating foundation established in 1977 by the prominent sculptor Ann Waver Norton (1905-1982).  The gardens are conveniently located at 253 Barcelona Road, and the corner of Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach.  The rare palm and sculpture gardens, exhibition galleries and artist studio are currently open Wednesday-Sunday 11-4PM.  For more information on the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden’s 30th Anniversary event and exhibition, please call 561 832 5328 or visit the website at www.ansg.org       

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