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Garden Day Presented by Florida Crystals and Garden of Life

February 06, 20179:00 am - 1:00 pm

Garden Day presented by Florida Crystals and Garden of Life is dedicated to providing hands on and informative garden experiences for elementary students, in particular, gardens as they relate to awareness of ecology, food sources, nutritional benefits and helping to encourage and establish healthy eating programs.

Children will visit different stations throughout the Gardens during this one of a kind educational program where they will get an ecological look at how a garden works. Children will learn the imperative roles that water, bees, worms, soil, weather and other elements have on growing a garden. A wholesome and heart-healthy “Rainbow Salad Bar,” sponsored by Whole Foods West Palm Beach, will be served for lunch.

Approximately 300 Title 1 students will attend this educational program. Past presenters have included: Bee Barf Apiaries “Importance of Bees,” Collective Water Resources “Water Sustainability,” Deborah Burggraaf “Butterflies”, Kai Kai Farm “Good vs Bad Bugs in the Garden,” Mounts Botanical Garden “Wonder and Awe in the Garden,” Palm Beach Palm and Cycad Society “Palms and Cycads,” Scott Lewis “Gardening and Trimming – Planting the seed,” Whole Foods West Palm Beach and Youth Environmental Alliance “Wiggly Worms.”




“A wonderful treasure”

Photos cannot do this garden justice.

The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens is listed on the National Register of Historic Places


The Gardens Conservancy is Dedicated to Preserving the Historic Beauty of The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

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