Annie V Visits

The Awesome
Adventures of Annie V
Children’s Book and Program

Winner of the 2014 Cultural Council Muse Award for Excellence in Arts and Cultural Outreach

Inspired from the success of our award winning and district approved Literacy Days and Earth Days, The Awesome Adventures of Annie V children’s book and program features Ann Weaver Norton as a child and illustrates her commitment at a young age to visual art, writing, reading, and the creative process.  Illustrated by nationally recognized and award winning artist Henry Cole, this interactive children’s book is a charming and fun perspective of a young Annie aspiring to be a great artist and dreaming to make her mark on the world.



Visiting school groups and daily visitors will be given the opportunity to check out an Eco-Backpack containing a copy of The Awesome Adventures of Annie V children’s book, art materials and tools to be used during their visit.  Parents, teachers, students and children of all ages will:

  • Enjoy historic, environmental and artistic fun facts
  • Participate in interactive reading, sketching and writing activities
  • Learn new visual art and environmental science vocabulary words
  • Take part in scientific exploration, field discoveries, species counts and more

Awesome Adventures of Annie V Experience for Daily Visitors 

Provided FREE of charge with regular admission is the Annie V Back Pack Experience
In each visitor pack is:

  • One copy of The Awesome Adventures of Annie V book for you to borrow during your visit
  • Color activity pages for you to complete during your visit
  • Colored pencils, sharpener, eraser and magnifying glass for you to use while you explore the sculpture gardens and complete your activity pages.
  • One eco Take-Home Kit to be enjoyed at home.

Awesome Adventures of Annie V  Experience for Teachers and Students – One Teacher Pack per a maximum of 20 children – $5.00 per student-(minimum payment of $100 for 20 children required)
Title I funding may be available

Provided to each teacher are:

  • One copy of The Awesome Adventures of Annie V to read during your visit and keep for your classroom/library
  • One program map with procedures for each teacher to guide them on their adventure
  • Colored pencils, erasers, sharpeners, magnifying glasses and activity sheets for the entire classroom to use during their visit.
  • One Eco Take-Home Kit for each student to be enjoyed at home.

Special thank you to illustrator Henry Cole for his gift of artwork for the book and the City of West Palm Beach, Office of Sustainability for their donation of eco take home kits.

To schedule your Awesome Adventures of Annie V visit contact

To support this program or underwrite a Title I class to enjoy The Awesome Adventures of Annie V contact


By Pamela Larkin Caruso & Cynthia E. Palmieri, Illustrated by Henry Cole, 2013, paperback



“A wonderful treasure”

Photos cannot do this garden justice.

The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens is listed on the National Register of Historic Places


The Gardens Conservancy is Dedicated to Preserving the Historic Beauty of The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

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